About Loose Bundles

Loose Bundles is a clothing brand based in Amsterdam with a unique take on how to dress in style while remaining true to yourself.

All too often people feel compelled to compromise when it comes to stylishness, opting to buy clothes that come close to expressing their identity without quite making a true statement of intent.

As a successful individual coming home after a productive day, you want to change into something that is truly you. Attire that reflects your enjoyment of adventure and willingness to go beyond the norm, while at the same time exuding the class and quality to which you aspire in every aspect of life.

Being headquartered in Amsterdam, a city of endless opportunities, Loose Bundles is used to serving different people with very different backgrounds. People who like to make a difference and show their individual flair.

Loose Bundles allows you to participate in all of life’s luxuries while also appreciating life itself. This is why our motto is ‘Touching the sky while keeping both feet on the ground’.

Enjoy life your way with quality clothing that enables you to express and maintain your true identity. Welcome to the world of Loose Bundles.